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Why Garts Exchange?

Garts Exchange is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange that works for the benefit of its users. In order to make your trading even more convenient and safe, the platform has all the necessary features and tools.

High Performance

The main distinguishing feature of Garts Exchange is support for processing speed of up to 10,000 trades every second and 1,000,000 TCP connections.

Optimized User Interface

Our website is a Single Page Application that enables faster interactions via dynamic content updates. This means it works faster for you.

Dedicated Support Team.

You may submit a ticket, send an email or communicate in a live chat.

Focus on Security

More than 95% of all cryptocurrencies are stored in cold wallets. We also use WAF (Web Application Firewall), a protective screen of a Web application that detects and blocks hacker attacks.


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Support Chat

Any questions regarding your account & trading on our exchange? Feel free to ask!

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